Young Adult Services

Need to get your diploma?

JobNet’s Pathways to Success counselor can help you find the right program.

MCAS Preparation

Need to pass the ELA, Math or Science MCAS to get your diploma? Free MCAS prep classes are available through Bunker Hill Community College and Roxbury Community College. A new session starts every January, June and September.

Credit Recovery

Need to pass the MCAS and make up a few classes to get your diploma? Referrals are available for free credit recovery and night school programs.

GED Preparation

Thinking about the GED? Referrals are available for programs that provide free GED preparation classes—including ones designed specifically for young adults.
Need a job or career plan?

JobNet’s Pathways to Success counselor can help with your job search and career planning needs.

- Resume and cover letter help

- Interview skills development

- Job search assistance

- Career counseling

- College transition support

- Support service referrals


FAQ’S (frequently asked questions)

Who is eligible for Pathways to Success?

Former Boston Public School (BPS) students who left high school in 2003 or later without passing the MCAS or earning a diploma are eligible. Members of this school year’s graduating class are eligible as well.

 What is the cost?

Nothing! All services are FREE of charge.

 What is the application process? 

To apply, please call (617)-338-0809 x2748 and make an orientation appointment. Then fill out the necessary enrollment forms. After completing these steps, applicants will be connected with the appropriate services.

 How can the program help people who are not sure if they passed the MCAS?

JobNet’s Pathways to Success counselor can help individuals in this situation reconnect with the Boston Public School system in order to get their academic records and figure out the appropriate next steps.